Partridge specializes in providing engineering services characterized by genuine collaborative partnerships, creative problem-solving, and a courageous approach. They deliver innovative solutions, exceed client expectations, and emphasize excellence in everything they do. Their services encompass a wide range of engineering projects, driven by a commitment to creativity, ingenuity, and passion, all while fostering client relationships based on listening, engagement, thoughtful analysis, and dependable delivery.

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Partridge stands out with its collaborative approach, innovative thinking, and courageous problem-solving. They consistently exceed expectations by delivering creative engineering solutions. Their values of listening, engagement, and reliability drive their commitment to excellence in every project.

Trimble Soft has been a crucial partner in enhancing Partridge’s services across four key areas. In structural engineering, they’ve enabled projects spanning residential, commercial, heritage, and sustainability-focused endeavors. They’ve also played a vital role in event management and promotion, hydraulic and civil engineering, and remedial work across various sectors. Together, they’ve empowered Partridge to deliver exceptional results to their clients, enriching their service offerings and capabilities.

Trimble Soft has played a pivotal role in Partridge’s success by enhancing their ability to sell a diverse array of engineering services effectively. Partridge’s service offerings span across four key areas. First, in structural engineering, Partridge provides expertise in residential houses, multi-residential properties, commercial and industrial structures, institutional and educational facilities, heritage sites, and public domain projects, all while emphasizing sustainability and unique solutions.

Secondly, Partridge excels in event management and promotion, offering support for permanent and temporary art installations, advertising and branding initiatives, events and exhibitions, film and television productions, and international art and events. Trimble Soft’s collaboration has expanded Partridge’s capabilities in this dynamic sector.

In the realm of hydraulic, civil, and stormwater engineering, Partridge specializes in stormwater management, civil engineering services, vehicle movement analysis, and hydraulic building services. This comprehensive skill set enables them to provide efficient, environmentally conscious solutions for infrastructure projects.

Lastly, Partridge excels in remedial work, addressing challenges in strata and multi-residential properties, commercial and industrial settings, local government projects, and heritage sites. Trimble Soft’s expertise has further strengthened Partridge’s ability to restore, renovate, and maintain a wide range of structures.

Leveraging User Insights

In order to enhance the user-centric features, we required access to the existing product information stored within Partridge’s customized database. However, certain essential data, such as user interests, were absent from the database. To address this, we implemented supplementary data layers on the foundation of the existing database. This approach not only preserved the integrity of the pre-existing data but also enabled us to expand upon it, thereby facilitating the testing and functionality assessment of the innovative features we introduced.